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In Stock : HKA100XP0 Thin section bearing

As a professional research firm and experienced manufacturer, we can also carry special research projects in bearing or OEM production either bearing or its components. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hgtbearing.com .if you have special demands or question.

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In Stock : HKA047XP0 Thin section bearing

Specifications HKA100X Thin section bearing.  QTY:30  Structure: there are two centers of raceway radius on each side of the raceway, both of which are deviated from the center line of balls. This structure forms a four-point contact between the balls and the raceway of X-type bearings.


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Introduction to Dimension, Type, Selection and Precision of Thin Section Bearings/ Born for Lightweight Equipment

US HGT TECH Corp. possesses a professional technical team with rich experience of over 10 years, mainly engages in design, manufacturing, development, and sales service for Thin Section Bearings, Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearings, Precision Ball Bearings with large size and high speed, and other high precision bearings.

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Normal Operation during the period of COVID-19

HGT bearing  manufacturing base is currently in a full production mode under the special situation; therefore, we can delivery bearings on time. Please do not worry that our lead time is impacted by the COVID-19. Besides the standard bearings, we can also make customized bearings if needed.

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Robot RV Reducer Bearings

The development of modern industrial robots has the trend of lightweight and long life. Bearings should be installed in limited space, thus bearings must be small in volume and light in weight.

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Industrial robot for thin section sealed bearing structure design and analysis

As the key part of robot form a complete set of special bearing, operation stability and repeat positioning accuracy, precision and reliability of work has important influence on key performance indicators. At present, robots use bearing sort is more, such as thin section deep groove ball bearings, thin section angular contact ball bearings, thin section four-point contact ball bearing and thin section crossed roller bearing, etc. 

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HGT Thin Section Sealed Bearing for Industrial Robots Structural Design and Analysis

The industrial robotic bearing has significant influence on the working performance of robots, such as working stability, reliability, precision of action, repeated positioning accuracy, etc. At present, there are many types of bearings that are applied to robots, such as thin section deep groove ball bearings, thin-section angular contact ball bearing, thin-section four-point contact ball bearing and thin-section crossed roller bearing, etc. 

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HGT Thin Section Angular Contact Ball Bearing

With high quality and precision, reliable stability, and long lifespan, the Thin Section Angular Contact Ball Bearings (A type, open) can carry the axial load and great radical load. The degree of the standard contact angle is 30. We provide the series of HKAA, HKA, HKB, HKC, HKD, HKFand HKG.

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HGT Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings

The rollers are orthogonal arranged, so only one set of the Crossed Roller Bearing can withstand the loads from different directions. Compared with the traditional series bearing, the current series bearings have increased the level of rigidity by three to four times.

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HGT Thin Section Bearings

HGT thin-section bearing includes thin section radial contact ball bearings, thin section angular contact ball bearings, thin section four-point contact ball bearings, thin section cross roller bearings, ultra thin section bearings, etc. Having the compact structure, thin section bearings are always the first choice of distributor and end-user when considering the applied conditions with limited space and low load.

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